UNIOR UNR-1693EL-V2 Electric Repair Stand, for Bicycle with Stand

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Automatic stopping system 
Endless height adjust
Hidden wires
Two USB A charging port
Equipped with Master shop repair clamp 1693.1M

This stand has been designed to facilitate the work of mechanics when servicing bicycles, not only electric ones.
A durable main column, bolted to the steel base, ensures excellent stability of the stand and at the same time keeps all cables inside so that they do not get in the way during work.
It is strong enough to easily lift even the heaviest bikes to the desired height, keeping the bike always in the most ergonomic working position.
The electric repair stand is not only strong but also smart.
It allows you to automatically raise and lower the serviced bike at the push of a button, and it stops by itself as soon as the bike touches the floor or any other obstacle.
The range of its vertical movement can be set thanks to the limit stops used so that it always stops at the desired height.
It is equipped with a professional MASTER SHOP CLAMP 1693.1M handle that will allow you to grip pipes with a diameter of 110mm.
There are 2 USB ports in the controller housing.
The steel base (750x750mm) has screws at the corners to level the stand.
There is no need to twist the stand - just connect the electricity and you can start working immediately!

Automatic stopping system with a built-in safety feature to keep technician and bicycle on the stand safe
Endless height adjust
Travel adjust limiters
The main electricity supply cable coming in from the top of the stand, so nothing is in the work area
Hidden wires
Two USB A charging port
Equipped with Master shop repair clamp 1693.1M
Anti-slip clamp interface
The main column is made of steel and bolted together creating a super-rigid frame
Secures directly to the floor or on a heavy-duty metal fixed plate
Heavy-duty large fixed plate with floor leveling function
No assembly is needed, just fix it in place, plug in the electricity and start working
Technical specifications:
Measurement: W750xL750xH2072 mm
Weight: 106 kg (with a steel fixed plate)
Maximum height: 1780 mm
Load capacity: 400N (40kg)
Power: 0,25 kW
Steering voltage: 5 V
Input: 220 V; 50 Hz
Movement speed: 3.3 m/min
IP rating: IP30 – inside use only
Noise level: 55 dB
CE compliant

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