About us

About us

We are a young but rapidly growing company, blah ...
Oh come on, we will not be boring you! 
We make good bikes and ride them by ourselves.
We are group of several guys so there is no place here for crap.
Well and even better, quickly and precisely. That is the cooperation with us, welcome!

About Shop

Woo Hoo Bikes! We sell online.
We offer great bikes that are designed by us, and also sell original bicycle parts.
We can also create your dream bike according to your suggestions and preferences.
Internet shopping involves risks? Not with us! You can always check our feedback and sales history on eBay or Allegro. You can always visit us and have a free coffee*.

Our Mission

Cycling is not just our job. It's our passion.
We are continuously growing by doing what we love.
So we know how to help you, you've got the acceptance and understanding in us. In contrast to your wife, we understand that your passion costs.
If it is a bike, this is the best place to spend your money :)